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” Grandcoeur.org “ grew out of the desire and  willingness Of several volunteers who worked to bring around the world, technical assistance to local associations wishing to benefitfromit.

The association has for purpose : provide moral, material and educational to the people in situation of precariousness or social exclusion.

It ‘s presence on all the fields, France,  India,  Africa, Haiti to help with the building of schools, health care center, but also to develop the learning of languages, to fightilliteracy, promoteeducation, and thuscontribute to a better social integration.
The association a service to those in need, whichprovidesfinancial assistance, expertise, humanskills and helpsyoudevelopyourcommitment in the areas of education, literacy, nutrition and health.

Foundingmembers and itsmembersdevelop an unfailingenergy to drive actions on the field. Yes, our society is notgoingverywell, but the solidarity must alwaysprevail, becausewe place the individualat the center of everything. Together, wewillbring the necessaryenergythatwillgivehope to everyone.