English courses in partnershipwith ACCES

  • English courses in partnershipwithACCESS in Villeneuve-la-Garenne, France, planned for the beginning of 2016. The interest of this action is to enrich the knowledge, enhance the process of support of social inclusion and integration by the mastery of the language.
  • Our teachersplay a fundamentalrole in training, communication and recruitment. By their actions, they come to the help of the needyfromeducationalprojectsestablished and sponsored by ourpartnerwith the aim to provideeducation and knowledge to children and familieswhoseresources are insufficient.
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Building of a school in Haiti

  • To help the population in its cultural development.
  • Our goal for 2016 is to raisefunds to build a building thatcan serve the community.
  • It is essential that the inhabitants of this country have access to the knowledgelearning, pledges of all of the successes to build a future for herchildren.
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Reading Club " Exclusive English "

  • To help youfamiliarizeyourselfwith the English language ; the book club “English Exclusive” willbeatyourdisposalfrom the beginning of the year 2016 the following program : Dialogue,conversation, development of reading and oral comprehension , history , novels,science-fiction…
  • Project related to environment and education in India (Agra Road)
  • The aim of the projectis to renovate the houses in the neighborhood Agra road, in order to allow a stable psychologicalchild for a successfuleducation.
  • For education ,we are planning to build 2 schools and a medical centre ,to the 1000 childrenthatis home to the district of Agra road.
  • Wewillraisethatthere’s no dispensaryApproved by the state or by other institutions international.
  • Participate in the development of educational,health and environmental district Agra road.Long-termproject for an educationalfollow-up of childrenenrolled in school.
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Providenutritional assistance to the people of Haiti

  • Because in the developing countries, malnutrition is the cause of manydiseases and death.
  • The mostaffected are women and children. This poornutritionalstatus, due to a dietpoorlybalancedisalsoresponsible for multiple pathologies : rickets, blindness, disabilities, physical or mental.
  • The intervention of ourvolunteerswillidentifyat the earliest possible dietarydeficiencies and to remedythem. Theywilllead us to information to combat thisscourge.
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